Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday January 13, 2013

To state it simply: Today was a wonderful day in Kenya. Our group has now had the pleasure of planting trees at the new orphanage (the “farm” as they call it), spending a heartfelt day at the park with the most joy-filled little beings you could ever imagine, and then topping it off with another incredible day with these precious children.

The day began at the St. Ann Orphanage & Children’s Home with a Sunday Service held by Irene, who heads the orphanage and Pastor Alfred, a committed staff member who has truly dedicated his life to the children of St. Ann. Irene introduced her committed staff to all of us. As they spoke to us during that service, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the loyalty and devotion of the staff to these children. From what I have seen and experienced so far, they are truly acting as a mother and father to the children and the love and compassion felt is overwhelming. I was humbly brought to tears today, as I witnessed and experienced the affection between the children, the staff, and all of us.

After the beautiful service, Jodi Sagorin and I ran a small health clinic for the kids for a basic check up. It felt so wonderful that I could contribute my experience as a nurse to these kids. They were so well-behaved and brave as we checked them!
We then proceeded to the best part of the day! Thanks to the hard work and generosity of Jodi and her sister, Gabby, each child received their own disposable camera to take their own pictures and play with. Numerous Flip cams were also donated to the orphanage. It was so much fun watching and interacting with the kids as they experienced taking their own pictures. The joy on each of their faces was priceless!

Every time I have the pleasure of interacting with these kids, I am reminded of the amount of love that is truly within each of us. Their happiness is absolutely raw, from their deep belly laughs to their wanting to be held or hugged. Each of them just wants to give and receive love. Such a simple lesson for all of us to take in.

With gratitude,

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  1. Happy to put you on my favorite's list Nicole! It's a beautiful thing you are sharing, many thanks sweet girl, stay safe and in the moment. xoac