Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Safari Day: Near Charge By A Rhino!

January 14th, 2013

Today we took time out to observe God's handiwork in the beautiful country of Kenya. From sunrise to sunset, we were in awe as we saw baboons with babies on their backs, giraffes eating from treetops, rhinos so close you could almost touch, hippos soaking in the lake, zebras with their beautiful stripes, hundreds of flamingos throughout the park and the list goes on.

As we continued to drive, we saw a black rhino probably 15 ft from our van but he didn't look happy and then started to charge us but before we could take a picture our driver (and friend) Joel sped away. I guess safety comes first.

A picture of the rhino who almost charged us (after we drove off)

To end our amazing day, Joel saw from a distance a lion sleeping under a tree and to make our journey complete he went off road and drove very close to the lion so we could take the perfect picture. We are in good hands with Joel!

Our day was breathtaking seeing how God has put so much beauty in the world for us to enjoy but now I'm excited for tomorrow to see those beautiful little faces that we have grown to love in such a short time!     

Usiku Mwema, (Good Night in Swahili)

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