Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lindsey (our founder) Reporting from Austin, Texas

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to check in from Austin, Texas and share a little of what I have learned from Seane Corn's yoga teacher training. Well to begin with, Seane Corn is an amazing yogini, some might call her a "yogalebrity." I took one of her trainings in Costa Mesa and fell in love with her authenticity, inspiration, and love for yoga. Seane is also one of the co-founders of Off The Mat And Into the World Foundation. With My Own Two Hands Foundation is now an affiliate partner with them and we are so excited to be working with them in the future. OTM done amazing work in the yoga community and have raised over $2 million dollars for various projects around the world.

Well, Seane has impacted the way I teach in so many different ways. She constantly reminds me of the interconnection of yoga and the way we live our lives. She specifically spoke today on the magic of yoga and how our practice can be used a manifestation of our truth and spirit within and can ultimately become an offering or universal prayer for peace. I have learned that I as a teacher need to become a reflect the spirit and truth within each of my student's back to them so they recognize their own infinite truths within. I had learned so many technical things and sequences to apply to my classes, but on a deeper level I have been reminded of the power of my job. I have been given a platform to use the power yoga as a path to return home to our innate truth within. I'm so blessed to be given this opportunity to teach yoga and connect that to social activism. I believe that teaching yoga and running a nonprofit go hand-in-hand. As a teacher, I believe I need to encourage my students to take their yoga off the mat and into the world around them, whether that means how they speak to their partners, or how they treat their kids, or even how they engage in their local or global communities. I think to myself...what a FREAKIN' AWESOME JOB!

May we use our practice as a way to show up on our mats and connect to our body, mind, and spirit, but may we also show up in our lives and make a difference WITH OUR OWN TWO HANDS!

Light and Love to All! Namaste!

Lindsey Pluimer