Sunday, December 30, 2012

Orphanage Update

Orphanage We Are Building in Nakuru, Kenya

We wanted to update you on the progress of the orphanage we are building in Nakuru, Kenya for the St. Ann's Baby and Children's Home. Above is the latest picture with the roofing going up! We are so thrilled with the progress so far and are beyond excited to see the site this January as we will be taking a team of 10 volunteers out to Kenya to visit and help with this project and children. We want to thank you for your help in making this a possibility. When I personally look at the progress I think about how many people (and "hands") have gone into the construction of this orphanage. We want to thank you for your support in making this a reality for the children it will serve.

The St. Ann's Baby and Children's Home currently rents a property in Nakuru, Kenya, but they are currently facing eviction from their landlord. We have since stepped in and committed to help them build a home, which will forever be theirs (they own their own land as well!). This home will also help them become more sustainable as they will not have pay rent to a landlord/bank. This orphanage/home will house 23 children who have been abandoned, been affected by poverty/HIV/AIDS, and or domestic abuse.

We are about $27,000 into this project with $13,000 more to go! If you would like to be apart of this project and donate please visit!donate.

Again thank you for an amazing year of love, connection and service. We have had such an inspiring year in 2012 full of new and old faces involved in our events/cause! We appreciate your love and support and want to thank you for joining us in making a difference WITH OUR OWN TWO HANDS! As you can see above...we ARE changing the world :)

Happy New Year! May we have a year full of health, abundance, love and service!

With Love,

Lindsey Pluimer